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To combat online censorship, Reporters Without Borders is unblocking access to 9 news websites in order to make them available in the 11 countries where they are currently banned.

During a hackaton organised by Reporters Without Borders and An Daol Vras, this extension has been developped by Brendan Abolivier and Clément Salaün in order to make it easier to access mirorred versions of blocked websites, by adding an icon switching to red when a mirror is available. You then are just one click left to more freedom.

Collateral Freedom is an original initiative designed to circumvent website blocking by governments that violate human rights, Reporters Without Borders is using the technique known as mirroring to duplicate the censored sites and place the copies on the servers of Internet giants such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. In these 11 countries that are “Enemies of the Internet,” blocking the servers of these Internet giants in order to make the mirror sites inaccessible would deprive thousands of companies of essential services. The economic and political cost would be too high.

When word has been heard that a mirror is no longer accessible in a country, its URL changes, and this change is then applied in the very next start of your browser.

For support, manual installation, and more, please refer to the official GitHub repository here:

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