To combat online censorship, Reporters Without Borders is unblocking access to 9 news websites in order to make them available in the 11 countries where they are currently banned. Collateral Freedom: how we thwart censorship In an original initiative designed to circumvent website blocking by governments that violate human rights, Reporters Without Borders is using […]

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Foiling censorship in 11 anti-Internet countries


10 unblocked websites


Hablemos Press


The Cuban government maintains a complete monopoly on news and information and tolerates no independent media aside from a few Catholic magazines. Internet access continues to be restricted because of its prohibitive cost and is tightly controlled. Founded in 2009, Hablemos Press is an independent news agency that covers a range of subjects including human […]

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Gooya News


“Pluralism” is the quality that best defines Gooya News, an offshoot of, one of the first and most important Farsi-language online portals. It offers news and analyses by journalists and civil society activists of all political tendencies, and takes content from both the Islamic Republic’s official website and opposition sites. It also has a […]

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Launched in 2000, the news website has carved itself out a unique place in the Russian media landscape, serving as an outlet for talented freelance reporters and commentators and providing a forum for the many civil society groups, human rights defenders and opposition figures who are never seen on the main TV channels. […]

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Operation #CollateralFreedom @RSF_RWB unblocks 9 news sites censored in 11 countries and

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We plan to continue this operation for as long as the funds available allow. The mirror sites and the bandwidth used by visitors to the sites have a price that we will cover during the first few months.

Your donation will help us to extend Operation Collateral Freedom. A donation of $10 will pay for 8 GB of bandwidth per site and for extending the operation by one day.

Create your own mirror

You can create your mirror of one (or more) of the 10 Operation Collateral Freedom websites. The required tools and tutorial for creating a mirror site are freely available on github. If you create a mirror site, send the address to us at We will add the address to the list on our site and we will send it to our contacts. The more mirrors the better – they will make it easier to access the censored information.