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Iran: Cyberspace ayatollahs

The Revolutionary Guards, the Supreme Council for Cyberspace and the Working Group for Identifying Criminal Content

Content filtering, control over Internet service providers, the interception of communications, cyber attacks and the imprisonment of bloggers and netizens are common practice in Iran. Three bodies are responsible for carrying out this policy of repression inside the country: the Supreme Council for Cyberspace, the Organized Crime Surveillance Centre and the Revolutionary Guards.

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Cuba: Long live freedom (but not for the Internet)!

Ministry of Informatics and Communications

The arrival of fibre optics in the island via the ALBA-1 submarine cable from Venezuela and the unblocking of some websites have offered a glimmer of hope, but Cuba still denies most of its population free access to the Internet. The Castro government has developed its own control model based on a local Intranet, sky-high Internet access costs and an all-pervading government presence.    

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Arms trade fairs: Surveillance dealerships

Technology Against Crime (TAC)


ISS World (Intelligence Support Systems for Lawful Interception, Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Gathering)

In its 2012 report on surveillance, Reporters Without Borders drew attention to several western companies that were guilty of selling surveillance technology to authoritarian governments that violate human rights. The same technology was on display in 2013 at arms trade fairs that attract industrialists and government representatives from the four corners of the planet.

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