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Russia: control from the top down

FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation)

During the Winter Olympics in Sochi, the world at large discovered the existence of the
formidable Russian surveillance system known as SORM. Since 2000, the authorities have exploited the issue of security to boost censorship and surveillance of the Internet,
which remains one of the main platforms for independent information. This trend
has gathered strength since 2012, after mass protests against Putin’s return to
the Kremlin.

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Belarus: Apparatus of repression

Operations and Analysis Centre (OAC)

The Internet is the main bastion of freedom of information in Belarus, where censorship and self-censorship are the rule among traditional news outlets. Since 2008, the authorities have had an armoury of technological, administrative and legal weapons at their disposal to exert their control over the Web. Continue reading

Uzbekistan: Welcome to digital tyranny

Expert Commission on Information and Mass Communications

Since the bloody repression of protests in Andijan in 2005, the autocratic regime of Islam Karimov has done everything in its power to extend to the internet the absolute power that it wields over traditional media. The government has systematically established institutional structures, legislative tools and advanced technology to guard against any threat from online content. The Expert Commission currently heads this system of control and censorship. Continue reading

Turkmenistan: News black hole


The extent of Internet censorship in Turkmenistan confirms the regime’s extremely despotic and paranoid nature. President Gurbanguly Berdimukhammedov has yet to keep his promises to develop the Internet and there still has not been any improvement in online freedoms. Continue reading