Enemies of the Internet 2014: entities at the heart of censorship and surveillance


Natalia Radzina of Charter97, a Belarusian news website whose criticism of the government is often censored, was attending an OSCE-organized conference in Vienna on the Internet and media freedom in February 2013 when she ran into someone she would rather not have seen: a member of the Operations and Analysis Centre, a Belarusian government unit Read More

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Map of the Institutions Enemies of the Internet Surveillance, Censorship, Imprisonment, Disinformation Reporters sans frontières

Carte des institutions ennemis d'internet

Take action! #InternetEnemies

Attention must be drawn to the practices of these Enemies of the Internet, which usually operate in the shadows. As many people as possible must be made aware of them. This is needed so that international bodies, the United Nations and Europe focus on these practices and adopt legislation to end them as quickly as possible. Reporters Without Borders invites Internet users throughout the world to join this initiative.

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  • Address messages on social networks to the presidents and heads of the governments responsible for these entities. On Twitter, use #InternetEnemies
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The Internet is a collective resource. Don’t let “Enemies of the Internet” turn it into a weapon in the service of special interests.